From small big, diamond tool manufacturing Huachang voice of experience
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Huachang Diamond Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to promote use of integrated marketing services to Global Resources Experience Huachang Diamond Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, Danyang Economic Development Zone area, via Highway 2 hours to reach Shanghai. Is Asia's largest manufacturer of diamond saw blade products, including various types of diamond tools and saw blades, carbide saw blade, slicing and plating supplies resin film. "We established in 1981, when the plant is small, only a small office area is so big." Huachang Diamond Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founder and chairman, Mr. Hua Chuanhai enthusiasm to say, "We initially produce cutting jade and Jade saw blades, in China's domestic market. With the gradual development of the company and the China market and the environment becomes more favorable, proceed with market reforms in the government's time, we had to re-positioning themselves, decided to expand our range of products. "he said. Huachang Diamond Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd. began to pay close attention to export markets, and scale production, and cut a small volume of domestic orders. Until 1996, the company mainly import and export group by the government to export to foreign markets. At that time, Huachang already has reached the international standard quality management system and production system, Mr. Hua Chuanhai am very satisfied. He actively conducting a series of through the media and trade show promotional activities, to let the world know that China has a top blade vendor, it produces all kinds of saw blade with the West by any one manufacturer produced comparable . At present, the Huachang Diamond Tools Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is still in sustainable development. In addition to ISO 9001 and ISO 9002, the company also received from Germany, DSA and MPA certification. In Mr. Wright seems, is of concern is the need to continue R & D and customer service. "Now, good quality, competitive prices, prompt delivery, and strictly operate in compliance with international trade practices are buyers measure supplier standards - these standards, we have achieved." He said. "We have not affect the saw blade performance and durability under the premise of a successful cost reduction. We are in similar enterprises in mainland China the first to introduce laser welding line business." He said. Imported from Germany and welding production lines and advanced equipment and technology investment with the combination. "We can not affect the performance of the premise, producing 105 to 1,200 mm of saw blade." Tsang said. Mr. Wright said, the company's R & D department is already yes "highly developed" the will enable the world's latest Jishufazhan Huachang and synchronizes the time Huan responsible for the market and forecasts Qushijinxing Yanjiu. "The industry is extremely competitive," he said, "must be very hard to maintain a leading position. We maintain close contact with customers to ensure that their products and services to our satisfaction." Exporters Monitor "A foreign trade company told us that our product is so good, should be in the global resources of media advertising. Through Global Sources had many inquiries from the DIY market. Now, we are seeking the assistance of Global Sources, I hope to further develop professional market. " Huachuan Hai, Chairman Huachang Diamond Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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