Mingsheng Diamond Identification Kit nuances see Kung Fu
Number of visits:               Date:2011-04-18
Recently, students from Shenzhen City Ming Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd. newly developed identification kit, because of its convenient, useful features are the market. Mingsheng Diamond Diamond folder identification kit including tweezers slot, color temperature control strict LED Diamond Light Source, ordinary magnifying glass 10 times, 10 times the two-color light source magnifying glass, to identify a full range of services to the diamond. In which students selected by the Ming special LED lights Well-chosen LED light, because of their independent research and development students using the Ming color temperature control technology, more suitable for identification as a source of diamonds, much market attention.
       Traditional straight tube diamond lights in their life, lighting effects, environmental protection, convenience and so on all have a lot of deficiencies. First, the effect of diamond identification requirements on a very harsh light, effective, accurate source for improving the accuracy of the diamond-level identification plays an important role, so the diamond identification lights first should be strict control of color temperature, color temperature of sunlight is only the most identified diamond Good color temperature. Diamond traditional straight tube lamp color temperature between 4000K-7200K in color temperature range is very wide, making the diamond identification accuracy greatly reduced. Health LED lamp with a white Ming LED lamp as light source, each tablet LED suppliers have been developing the spectral, color separation filter, color temperature strictly controlled at 5300K-5500K, the light source to ensure the produce is very close to daylight. In compliance with the standard required for white gem identification of sources, the Ming health authority also adopted the diamond lights diamond appraisers to determine, to ensure that the diamond lights real professional.
       Ming-LED Diamond Light Health Other advantages are also allowed with other similar products apart. The traditional straight tube lamp tube can work 2500-3500 Diamond hours, often after the switch lights, life will be reduced to under 70%, while the Ming Health maintenance work continuously LED lights can be more than 50,000 hours, and the LED due Ming Health Diamond Light line does not contain ultraviolet and infrared, low power consumption, 5W 200 hours of continuous work only one unit of electricity, light straight tube-type diamond only once a maximum continuous power for 25 hours. Also in the straight tube-type diamond lights inconvenient to carry and easily broken lamp, the lamp also need to purchase from the specially designated factory, supply channels narrow, high cost, Mingsheng LED light is reduced these problems. In safety and environmental protection, since the use of light emitting semiconductor chips, no filament, no glass, LED lights not only green diamond, and no strobe depth, unlike in the straight tube-type diamond lights, as the internal storage of toxic mercury vapor inert gas harmful to human body health, the depth of its high work long hours under stroboscopic likely to cause eye fatigue and cause eye injury.
       Generate force in the technology, innovation and creating the future of the times, Ming-Health is to seize the scientific and technological innovation of Momen, in view of fine-tuning effort, the simple things into the unique and innovative ideas to produce a value-added products, they have market advantage. Ming and the identification of Health and Diamond Light Kit innovation is the embodiment of this concept, because portable and practical, popular in the market.
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